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you're saying. to us it is large and colorful, as they have to think about amateurs are being educated. it seems synonymous with the painting because it is -- that is how it looks like people of doing it in the facility. of course of our is priceless. our show is called "money" and we are all about "money." as of right now is it worth more or less right now? you would know. you can sure these things. is iworth more less right now? >> i don't want to talk about the price of art because in the museum field we are all very reluctant to do that. will say that david has not sold any of these drawings that are printed get. so it remains to be seen but the market will be for them. however, he is still pointing. when he returned to california in jul he started painting in acrylic on while, portraits of his friends and close ones, and we have 18 of those. that young museum in golden gate park where the exhibition is on view. melissa: i am sure it is phenomenal. i looked at the work on line. it is breathtaking. have been to the museum. thank you for spending your time with us. we appreciate it.
problem when i'm on my own healthnet work and looking to see the education until you see them you don't know them. say you meet them and see hospital don't feel good about it. what happens then? do you lose the travel money? how dot financials work? >> okay, if you paid for your own flight, then, yeah, i mean you've had sort of two-day vacation i guess or whatever. i mean it is not much different than if you looked in the yellow pages and went to md anderson or local corner hospital either way. if you get there, you don't like the physician for whatever reason. now keep in mind you've had a lot of transactions before you get to there. a lot of doctors when they respond to a bid they will say, okay, before, before we go through this, maybe we should have a phone call or talk on skype or something like that. melissa: yeah. >> so usually by the time you get there you've actually kind of met the person, sort of online. melissa: how does insurance play into this? a couple of articles reading about this, in some cases your insurance company will pay for to you fly to another place if it is
make up for some of the decisions in our educational system. >> we have some many people that beat -- will be leaving the military in the next few years and becomes a critical time when we have the skills shortage a nationwide kent in certain fields. >> microsoft has put 1 million into this program. melissa: another is a lot of demand already. they planning on expanding the program? >> there is demand, especially among all those soon to be veterans. microsoft has said that they will expand this to a bases in texas and california starting in 2014. those graduates will not have a guaranteed job and they get out. huffily the skills that will help them transition. melissa: it makes all kinds of sense. up next, why the money you are spending on food may not be giving you exactly what you think it is. a debate is waging over the labeling of genetically modified food. you could end up feeling that heated the grocery store. we have all the villages details. at the end of the day it is all about your fruits and vegetables. ♪ we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the o
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)